Friday, April 17, 2009

Online news should be replayable

Follow-up thought on yesterday's iTunes for news defense: When analysts say things like:

Newspaper content is ephemeral by nature ... It isn't the same as downloading a song and keeping it and replaying it. It loses its value almost instantaneously.

...the speaker is not describing a problem with iTunes. She's describing a problem with the way news is traditionally presented.

It's a problem that can be solved.


Anonymous said...

One point I didn't see in the article is that switching to a blog-wiki format would make the news less vulnerable to spin. When a think tank releases a new "study" on a controversial issue, for example, the blog would report the release and then point readers to the wiki entry that details the evidence provided and questions raised by all sides involved in the controversy.

Michael said...

Great point, Anon -- the endless churn of "new study shows..." newspaper stories is one of the biggest problems with science coverage, I'd say.


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