Thursday, September 07, 2006

Inky fingers, sandy toes

(Photo courtesy jonofpob)

Well, Labor Day is gone, and that means it's the end of The Medium Run's, er, unannounced summer vacation.

Honestly, it's an old story: expectations too heavy, news consumption too low, distractions too many. We're rolling out a two-pronged strategy for changing the story this fall, gentle reader:

1) More ad-hoc updates (with news pegs!) during the week. See the VERY NEXT POST for such an effort.
2) Below the fold, I dare to lay out a long-term schedule for future weekend posts.

This weekend (9/9): the long-awaited conclusion of my Poynter notes.
Next weekend (9/16): the unique ad economics of print, broadcast and Web, and why they matter to content.
After that (9/23): the brand, and why local newspapers need it so.
After that (9/30): a comprehensive look at business models available to local newspaper sites.

As for 9/37 and on beyond Zebra, we'll see.

Welcome back.

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